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Fa Yuan Bookstore released a new book
Fa Yuan Bookstore released a new book


Falun Gong + Zhuan Falun

by Fa Yuan
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"This bundle contains the two primary books of Falun Dafa's teachings recommended for beginners to the practice.

The first book, Falun Gong, is an introductory volume and is where most new learners begin their journey. It explains the practice's concepts at an elementary level and defines terms unique to qigong and Asian spirituality. 

The second book, Zhuan Falun, contains the core of Falun Dafa's teachings and is written at a higher level than Falun Gong. Experienced practitioners of Falun Dafa read this book regularly to refresh their understandings of the practice's teachings. 

It is recommended that new learners start with Falun Gong before moving on to Zhuan Falun, and to complete each book in one sitting for the best results. "

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